The essence of the FITOPEDON® method is to satisfy the always-changing nutritional requirements of the cultivated crops as accurately as possible. Our services and our commercially available tools serve this purpose as it is the most natural and proven way to increase and enhance the quantity and quality of the produce with real quantitative results.
FITOPEDON® - Greater yield, better yield, more economical cultivation

We don’t just give advice, we work with you to comply! 
Joint work + joint responsibility = success for both!

Baseline Survey:
Cross-check of soil conditions and other environmental factors, irrigation system(s) and cultivated crops (special local adaptation).

Program design, proposition:
Selection of the most suitable service package for the Client, selection of the optional equipment, calculation of service fees.

Source of baseline data for plant nutrient uptake:
As a result of several decades of experimentation and data analysis, a data warehouse and a mathematical method of utilization have been built up. Prediction of the plants’ nutrient requirements aligned to their development phases (phenophases) is now possible.

Continuous measurements and data processing:
Continuous collection of measurement data in the service area
Computerized processing of data according to seasonal, medium and long term needs.
Proposals to the Client on how to achieve optimal results.

Plant nutrition: 
Using our Client’s existing equipment and/or proper additions we can precisely satisfy the essential mineral nutrient requirements of the growing plants calculated by the FITOPEDON® computing system.  The FITOPEDON® equipment pool includes everything that is required for the most accurate implementation of the model - like the ICDC, the Installed Communication, Dispensing and Control System (see below).

The practical areas of the FITOPEDON® treatment

1. Up to multiple yields 
  • New power in crop cultivation - effective and environmentally conscious, unique and protected scientific technology to grow the „happier” and healthier plant that can produce multiple yield.
  • Transferring a healthy, geobionic crop production method and help even the less experienced farmers to reach better results.
  • Apply the FITOPEDON® method to lands with any kind of agricultural aptness.

2. Solving the world's nutrition and foraging problems
  • Ensure mutually fruitful cooperation between the state, civil and economic spheres in the production of more nutritious food and forage with decreased risk.

3. Energetics
  • Reduce the utilization cycle of key crops of the energy sector and improve their energy content in a natural way.
  • Multiply the phytomass production of energy crops per area unit.

4. Desertification and recultivation
  • Turn desertified and shriveled lands into farmlands and revitalize abandoned industrial sites by the help of plants with increased resistance and resilience.

5. Medicine, food industry, beauty industry
  • Enhance the ratio of effective substances per unit by improving the quality and quantity of the nutrient content of medicinal plants and herbs.

Our Mission

  • We believe that we must utilize our efforts to comply with the challenges of the modern age, one of the most importants being an effective solution to the food problems of the population of Earth.
  • We believe that the future of the industry is the human being and Earth itself which is our our living place, our habitat.
  • We believe that the decades of our meticulous scientific research, in conjunction with our modern technological developments revolutionally improve the harmony between man, environment and plants.
  • We believe that the decades of our meticulous scientific research, in conjunction with our modern technological developments revolutionally improve the harmony between man, environment and plants.

Our objectives

  • Help more and more agricultures in the world to use FITOPEDON® methodology.
  • Increase the prestige of agriculture because it is an essential source of human and animal life, it is the essential source of nutrition.
  • Improve the ecological conditions of life on Earth, revitalize the desertified and eroded areas for crop production while preserving the forests and indispensably necessary vegetation in natural condition.
  • Contribute to the cultivation and processing of vegetable raw materials of higher quality in related industries: medicine, beauty, food industry.
  • Contribute effectively to the cultivation of energetically potent and environmentally beneficial plants.