FITOPEDON® Academy operates as an independent entity, its main function is to prepare and continuously train our employees, clients, representatives and experts. The complete learning path is divided into three main topics:

  • Studies of the scientific background of the FITOPEDON® procedure and its practical application possibilities
  • Studies of the components, operation and directions of development of the FITOPEDON® service system
  • Studies of the business model of FITOPEDON® Ltd.

Training levels

FITOPEDON® Academy Training Levels
Our training system is divided into three levels of courses, in which stepping onto level 2 and 3 has the criterion of successful completion of the previous course(s). The principal cornerstones of all the three levels of training is given by the three main topics described above: FITOPEDON® model, technology and service system.

  • Basic Training:  provides general knowledge for clients and staff. It prepares to operate as a representative. One-day training and workshop. The training ends with the a certificate of completion.
  • Mid-level training: it is professional training for the representatives and trainers teaching the basic level. Multi-day training, which also includes the three main subjects. It ends with an exam, where successful students acquire a special diploma. This level is a requirem...
  • Upper level training: theoretical and practical courses for all main topics separately, ending with a final examination. It provides graduates an international FITOPEDON® expert title.